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Wooden Soap Racks

These beautiful natural wooden soap racks are made locally here in Nelson exclusively for Global Soap.

The grooves allow water to drain away and air to circulate around the soap. These bars are perfect for the hand basin.

  • We have 2 x sizes of Wooden Soap Racks to choose from –
  • Small = 100mm x 62 mm / Large = 160mm x 62mm

Use a nailbrush to gently remove soap residue when needed. For a natural brighten and deep clean, try our all natural Whitening Powder, an environmentally friendly detergent and bleaching agent. Our Whitening Powder is pure sodium percarbonate which has been tested and found to be effective attacking the deeper-rooted organic growth on porous wood surfaces.

Discolouration/fading of the wood, may occur over time.

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