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When it comes to environmentally friendly and “green” home care products we at Global Soap make and sell a great range of hard working laundry and cleaning products that you can feel good about using in your own home.

Earth-friendly laundry soap – A natural laundry soap that grows on trees!
Soap Nuts are earth-friendly, biodegradable, economical & sustainable product that naturally washes your laundry.

Soap Nuts are native to Nepal & India where they have been used for centuries. They are actually a fruit, growing on the Sapindus Mukorossi tree. The fruits are the size of a honey-coloured cherry, containing the substance Saponin – which is nature’s own detergent.

When the fruit ripens and fall from the tree, local families harvest and deseed them. The shell of the fruit is then dried in the sun, using absolutely no chemical or manufacturing processes.
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