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Handcrafted luxury, everyday

Personal care products that make a difference to your skin, hair and wellbeing.

 Global Soap Handmade Natural Soap Since 1997

The Past

Established in 1997, Global Soap was formed to provide environmentally conscious New Zealander’s access to a range of affordable, solid bar bathroom products as an alternative to those contained in plastic bottles. Starting out with a core range of everyday body bars free from harmful sodium laurel sulphates, parabens or petroleum ingredients, further bathroom staples were added as were solid bar alternatives in the laundry as popularity grew.

Over the last 24+ years, awareness around the harmful impacts of single use plastics and non-biodegradable ingredients in everyday beauty and hygiene products has only amplified and Global Soap is proud of the small but meaningful part it has played in raising this awareness.

The Now

We’re all about hand crafted, affordable luxury – every day! Not only will your skin be cleansed, hydrated and rejuvenated via the application of our sumptuous soap bars, you will be at peace knowing your waste water is free from any toxic nasties often contained in traditional multi national branded soaps utilized to enhance shelf life and maximise profit margins. Small batch soap making using the centuries old cold process method, ensures a superior lather without compromising an extended life cycle. Add in various combinations of butters, oils, honey, clays, silk, petals, textures with a kaleidoscope of essential and fragrant oil scents, there is a sensory experience for every mood or disposition.

Small batch soap making using the traditional cold process method

The Future Together

If your initial Global Soap purchases are to eliminate single use plastics in your bathroom and laundry then we commend you. We’d like to think that your continued purchases of our goods are because while those sentiments are still prevalent, it’s also because your skin, hair and domestic environment has been uplifted to a new normal.

That’s what we’re here for – that’s what we want to achieve – we want you to love treating yourself everyday while respecting your environment!

Handcrafted luxury, everyday 

Personal care products that make a difference to your skin, hair and wellbeing. 

Global Soap Sustainable and Affordable

Making A Difference

Handcrafted personal care products that make a difference to your skin, hair and wellbeing. Indulgent luxury for mind, body and soul. 
Global Soap Eco Friendly Packaging


We enjoy creating sensory memories and producing positive results from our handcrafted bars. It’s why we do what we do…
Global Soap Natural Ingredients


As a boutique business, each product is made by us from start to finish so you can indulge in handcrafted luxury, everyday.
Global Soap Contains No Nasties

Doing the Right Thing

Consciously sourced, quality ingredients with minimal packaging. We are always analysing our environmental impact and continuously strive for improvement. 


Here’s what our happy customers have to say

Global Soap Reviews

“The smell of this soap is so beautiful!”

“It’s beautifully scented, and has the most luxurious lather. Global Soaps last so long and are so much gentler on the skin than other soaps. I cannot get enough of this smell!”


Global Soap Reviews

“Almost edible…”

“This soap smells amazing. Lovely creamy lather that leaves skin feeling clean and moisturised. Wonderful :)”


Global Soap Reviews

“Life changing!”

“This product is hands down the best I have ever bought. I won’t be using anything else to wash my hair. “


Global Soap Reviews

“Thoroughly recommend it…”

“Stunning. Love doing the laundry and having that gorgeous clean scent wafting from the laundry room. Thoroughly recommend it to anyone to lift the washing spirits.”


Global Soap Handcrafted Kiwi Soap