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Block Dock

The perfect way to store your Global Soap solid shampoo, conditioner bars and body soap – a Block Dock helps your bar last longer by keeping it dry between washes.
  • Perfect size and shape to hold an haircare bar
  • Mounts on glass, mirror, vitreous china, steel, smooth tiles and acrylic
  • Made from durable, rustproof, powder-coated aluminium
  • Remove suction cup for a gentle weekly clean

Perfect for the shower, sink, or kitchen, you can choose from several colours and styles to match any decor. Save money and reduce waste by switching to this soap holder – the perfect addition to any zero-waste lifestyle!

The Block Dock  is made here in New Zealand with powder-coated aluminium to be hardwearing and long-lasting. With good care, you will enjoy many years of its soap-saving service with less bathroom cleaning to do!

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