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Body Soap

Our handcrafted body soap are completely natural and packed full of beautiful ingredients. They create a rich creamy lather to gently cleanse, moisturize and soften your skin. We use the traditional cold process method of soap making.

Cold-process soap is highly nourishing and skin compatible due to a gradual, natural reaction called saponification which occurs when gently mixing oils and a lye solution. Cold process soap bars contain Glycerin – a naturally produced by-product of saponification which is a superior skin emollient (skin softener). Glycerin is often removed by the commercial soap manufacturers and sold as a separate product. We don’t, we won’t – no way!

Each batch of Global Soap is lovingly handmade, hand cut and cured by us here in Nelson. Whether you’re in the mood for smooth, textured, floral, fruity, woody, fresh or any combination thereof, we have just the bar for you so treat your skin.

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